Updated 4/14/2020
SHUT-IN: Rohma Kropf, Bonnie Furman, Gloria Davis, Betty Lou Moore, Shirley Harman, Flora Storm, Michelle Anderson
FOR HEALING AND WELL-BEING: Susan Spriggs, Donna Erdner, Chad Lowe, Don Aurin, Melissa Stapinsky, Roy & Janice Engleman, Skip Lagaila, Barb Cinkan, Luke Recker, Paul Lichauer, Carl Hendrickson, Chantel Burns, Thomas Kaiser, Bob & Peg Berg, Nick Libby, Jerrick & Robin Dorsey,  Gary Mihlfried, Everly Mae, Carol Martinez, Donna Smola, Bridget Brenneman, Braxton Wells, Chuck Kempf, Georgia Reilly, Doris Didolce, Tony Lesick, Forrest Engelman, Donna Bailey, Vickie & Don Carroll, Chris Mankie, Michael T., Steven Woodrick, Georgia Kotula, 
FOR COMFORT IN TIME OF LOSS:  family of Ruth Weiblinger, the family of Pauline Aurin  

SERVING THE MILITARY: Erik Kunkle, James Thompson, Matthew McPaul, Jason Fullmer, Jason Cole (Kuwait), Jessie Strickland

Please call the office if anybody should betaken off the prayer list. Also if you or a loved one are in the hospital, please contact the office if you wish a visit.

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