Dear Family,
I desperately need your help. As many of you know, Roy had a heart transplant 11 years ago and a year later God sent us our sons. We have struggled with issues over the years (as we all do) and now Roy life is at great risk.

He was born with only one kidney, which is currently dying. And a Necrotic (dead) right hip was recently diagnosed, which they will not replace until he receives a kidney, preferably from a living donor.
I am asking for your prayers and that you help me get this message out via word, social media, etc. Please share it. We currently have no computer and are not very literate.
I do have faith that with prayers and action, Roy’s life may be restored to health and years to share with his “families”. Please Help.
With love, thanks and blessings to all,
Janice Engelman


OFFERING ENVELOPES for 2019 are in the back of the church. Please pickup your box.




   We would like to organize a group (2 people in each group) that would be willing to visit members of Brighton Heights Lutheran Church’s congregation that we haven’t seen for a while.  We would call and set up time to visit.  We just want these folks to know that we miss them and are reaching out to let them know we are here to help in whatever way we can.  Please let Patty Petrusch know if you are interested.


MARDI GRAS SUNDAY will be Sunday March 3. Before the somber and penitential season of Lent begins, let’s indulge in a little merry-making, Mardi Gras.


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